Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peoria Obedience Sunday = double sigh

Well, no Q today.  The rundown:
Heel off leash & figure 8:  not perfect, but nicer than yesterday
Drop on recall:  nice
Retrieve on the flat:  NQ -- I had a good throw (I practiced last night).  Right after the throw,  a hair tumbleweed that looked remarkably like 1/2 a string cheese started to blow by.  Maggie was looking at the hairball when I gave her the command to take it.  She stared at the hairball a bit more, then looked at me like she was confused.  I had to do a second command, which means NQ.  On the second command she ran to the dumbbell and retrieved like a pro. (The judge picked up the hairball after it distracted the dog in the ring after me, too).  Guess we get to do some more work on retrieves w/ distractions...
Retrieve over the high jump:  Good throw, clean retrieve, no ticking the jump (lovely)
Broad jump:  good jump & brisk finish
Out-of-sight stays:  perfect

Soo.... it looks like we get to try again in another month.  Thankfully, that show is only 15 minutes from my house.

My plan is to "retire" Maggie after she gets her CDX.  One of my friends was joking that perhaps Maggie just wants to keep showing, which is why she keeps making one NQ-able mistake in each class.  She does like to go to dog shows, and she is a smart girl, so you never know....


  1. Oh,come on, Maggie -- if you do a great job, maybe you can work your mom into some more shows.

  2. Well, in spite of the NQ that was quite a good performance. Filed under "it's always something" but it should give you hope that it can all come together.

    Then Maggie can have a well-deserved retirement.

  3. They don't call Open "purgatory" for nothing, do they??

  4. It sounds like she's VERY close to getting that last leg! I'm envious that your stays were perfect--Rugby failing his Open stays was what ultimately made me drop out of obedience! Good luck next month!


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