Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peoria Obedience Saturday = sigh

Well, no Q (qualifying score) today.  Maggie NQ'd (didn't qualify) on the retrieve over the high jump.  My dumbbell throw landed straight ahead, but then bounced about 4' to right.  When Maggie picks the dumbbell up, she turns right to come back.  This put her about 4' past the jump standards.  She saw me and came straight to me rather than jumping over the jump.  (Maggie says that any self-respecting Cardi wouldn't waste that extra energy to jump the jump if it's not in the way of getting to mom - that just isn't logical!).  Sigh.

Otherwise, the run was pretty nice.  We had some lagging on the heeling, but not too bad.  Her drop on recall was lovely, as was her retrieve on the flat.  And she happily leapt over the the broad jump and did a very quick, straight front & finish.  She also aced her out of sight stays.  The judge (Bob Self, Jr) was  really nice and offered words of encouragement, and a "drat" after Maggie missed the jump.  He also commented on how nice it was to see a Cardi!

Really, I think Maggie just wanted me to have to get up at 4:30am again (Peoria is about 1 3/4 hrs away, and Open A is the first class in the ring).  If she'd Q'd I was definitely going to sleep in tomorrow!  Oh well, back again for another try tomorrow.


  1. Ooohh. And I'm really sorry that you have to get up that early tomorrow.

  2. Oh, way too early -- all for am errant bounce! Tomorrow is a good day to finish her TDX. Best of luck!


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