Friday, October 8, 2010

News from Denzil

Denzil with his favorite Frisbee.
Apparently, Denz has decided he's a Frisbee dog.
Here he's showing his cheeky Denzil look.

It's great that Denzil now lives with my parents.  It means I get a Denzil update nearly every time I talk to my mom.  To say that Denzil has wormed his way into their hearts is an understatement.

Recently, Denzil has been serving as an "unofficial" therapy dog.   My Granparents live near my parents, so they visit frequently.   Both of my Grandparents LOVE Denzil - and he loves them right back.  They invite Denz over whenever my mom comes to visit them.  According to my mom, they nearly insist that Denzil come along on the visits.  Apparently Denzil runs into their house, runs over to each of them, and gives them his love and happiness.

My grandpa (aged 90+) has been having some health problems.  Earlier this week Grandpa was in the ICU, so Grandma was staying with my parents.  Needless to say, this was a stressful time for my Grandma.  Apparently Denzil stayed close to her and even went to bed next to her bed at night.  What a sweet, loving, helpful dog. 

Denzil's also doing well for soundess.  My mom reports that he's not limping, and is able to go on 2 mile walks up and down hills with my dad each day.  He's also retrieving -  Frisbees, balls, and an old rawhide that he considers a toy instead of a chew (yuck) - on a limited basis.  

Life is good in Denzi-land.

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