Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some final, random WEG pictures

One of the great things about the World Equestrian Games this year is that it's at the Kentucky Horse Park. This means there's a ton of "horsey" stuff to do and see that isn't part of the competition.  Here are some fun photos I took over the 3.5 days I was there.

Around the Park

The back of the main stadium stands

Man O'War memorial

Some "behind the scenes" from the Eventing awards ceremony

The gold (UK) and silver (Canada) - medal winning teams 
waiting to enter the arena for the awards ceremony.

Bronze medal winning Kiwis headed to the arena.

In the warm-up arena -
Coolers waiting for the medal winners.

A member from the Canadian team after the ceremony

The same horse cooling down after the ceremony

After-hours schooling

We wandered around after the eventing finals.  As we were headed out to the car, we noticed lights on in the main stadium.  We took a peek and got to she the Grand Prix show jumpers warming up.  Each team got 90 seconds to school in the main arena.  Since it was after hours, we got front row seats - fun!

A big vertical

 - then one stride to a big oxer

Finally headed home.  But what's this?
Another warm-up ring.  Riders were practicing here before entering the main arena.

A member of the Irish team.  
Who knew we could get so close to the world's best horses & riders?

Some other events we saw:

The Canadian vaulting team practicing.
This horse is HUGE!!

A driving obstacle course exhibition.
This team is moving quickly around some posts.

Here you can really see how quickly the teams were moving.

For the horse-loving kid in all of us:

A Breyer cross country scene.

Breyer combined driving.

And don't forget about reining.  
Notice the dirt flying b/c of the sliding stop.

Painted horses in the Children's Village.  
"Where the Wild Things Are"

"Peter Rabbit"

That's it for horses.  Back to dogs tomorrow!

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  1. those horses r so cool i liked the two men and the carrge.

    Faith..........horses rule


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