Sunday, October 24, 2010

We've got ears - say Cheers!

Since I haven't done an ear post lately, I thought I'd share the latest...

It's been a couple of weeks since our last round of ear taping (which lasted two days).  And here we are -- We've got ears!!

Sorry for the poor quality picture.  It's incredibly hard to get an ears-up picture of a puppy who is either in motion or asleep.  The only way I got this picture is to put my hand in his collar.

Here are some other tries:

Wrestling the bone away from his brother

See how quickly I can "down?"  
But I won't stay there long

Ha!  Try to take a picture of my ears now!

Yes, the ears are up now.  Rip does like to slick his ears back like his Aunt Molly when he's moving, though.  If he's heeling or ready to pounce something his ears are up - otherwise when moving they're slicked back against his head.  I think this makes for less wind resistance when moving - which should enable him to shave valuable fractions of a second off his agility course times.  

P.S. - You get bonus points if  you caught the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reference in my blog post title.  This means that you likely have preschoolers at home....


  1. You could have watched the Mickey Mouse Club when you were a kid as well -- doe that date me. I'm so happy to see Rip's ears in their full, upright, and locked position. Now he's ready for take-off.

  2. YAY! You made my day!

    Now you have to work on focus and he seems to be a live wire that should be fun.

    Looking very pretty (what we can see).

  3. Mickey Mouse Club? "Encyclopedia" was the first word I learned to spell.

    I remember a different "ear" ceremony for guest mouseketeers than they might have now though.

    Anyway, Rip's ears look great!

  4. Yes, I have preschoolers at home. LOL Jack loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

    He's adorable. More so with ears. ;)


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