Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanks, Cindy!

Last Saturday The Child and I took trip to Foggybottom.  We got to meet Cindy, learn about grooming tools, and meet the Dirty Dozen.

Grooming Tools

Many thanks to Cindy for taking me through her grooming toolkit, and giving me many tips on what to look for, and a few things to avoid.  I have to say that I was a little bit frightened.  How can so many grooming tools be needed for a "wash and wear" dog?  I mean, I knew it was more involved than just wash and wear, but I had no idea how much was involved!

The other thing scared me a bit was when Cindy mentioned the upcoming shows (e.g., Des Moines in January) where I could show Rip.  January?!?  That seems so soon.  I thought I had more time than that.  I must have looked surprised, but then Cindy mentioned that he will be six months old by that time, and old enough to go in the ring.  She also kindly offered to save me a grooming space and help me groom Rip to get him ready.  That will be very helpful!!

The Dirty Dozen

I took The Child along with me so he could help socialize the Dirty Dozen.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures (there are some good one's on the Foggybottom blog), but let me tell you - 12 puppies is a LOT.  When they were let out of their ex-pen it was like a sea of little dogs flooding the room.  It's like when you spill a little bit of water - it just seems to go everywhere.  It was the same with the Dirty Dozen - when they started moving around the room, there were corgis everywhere.

The Child really enjoyed the puppies.  They were seven weeks old at the time, and very sweet.  He enjoyed running from place to place and being followed by a little brindle tide.  When we left, The Child told me he missed the puppies, and wanted to go back...

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