Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday, Maggie!

I can't believe that Maggie is 12 years old!!!

I'm thankful that she's still happy, healthy, and part of our pack.

To celebrate, she gets a bull-winky (her favorite treat) this evening.

Below are some pictures to show how Maggie spent her year:

Still one of Maggie's FAVORITE activities.
Unfortunately now a young-in' barks at her when she rolls.

Another of Maggie's great loves.
The Party Police especially likes to bark when the boys wrestle.
Keeps them in line, you know....

Joining in the fun on occasion.
Playing.  And still barking.

Reprimanding Rip.
Sometimes he just needs to know when play should stop.
At least play with Maggie.

Maggie loves to hike. 
Exercise, outdoors, REALLY stinky stuff to roll in...

Hanging out.
And looking sweet.  And somewhat expectant.

Laying on the sofa.
Where every Cardi should be.

Lounging in the yard.

More lounging in the yard.

Lounging in her favorite place in the yard.
Notice the lack of grass - due to all the lounging that happens here.



  1. Happy bark day, Maggie!! I hope it is a wonderful day!

  2. Happy barkday, dear lady -- and many more.

  3. Happy Birthday, "Rita Ridgenose"! (That was her first baby name).

  4. Happy B-Day, Maggie! You look marvelous!

  5. I hadn't thought about this before but I bet I saw Maggie when she was a wee baby puppy! Carolyn had two litters when I went to pick up Riley (who turned 12 last week). Maggie and Riley are pseudo-littermates! Happy Birthday Maggie!

  6. Happy Birthday to a lovely girl!

  7. Happy birthday, sweet Maggie - lots of aroos from your cousin Rufus and his furry minion, Nick!

  8. Maggie says thanks to all for the B-day greetings!

    She enjoyed an off-leash walk, a large bull-winky, and a good scratch & brush.

  9. Kristine -
    I bet you did get to see Maggie, as I didn't get her until she was 7 months old.

    I wonder if Maggie & Riley ever met?


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