Sunday, June 5, 2011

UK Trip - More Chelsea Flower Show

I've finally been able to download all the UK pictures, so I thought I'd share more from the Flower Show

One of the small gardens.
Doesn't this look like a relaxing place to sit?

Another of the award-winning show gardens.
I love the paths through the plantings.

I love the woodland feel of this garden.
It made me want to take a walk in the woods.

I thought these large rattan planters were fantastic.
This was all on a hard surface.
What a great alternative to terra cotta pots or barrel planters...

Now for some of the more "whimsical" aspects of the show

What is a flower show without somebody dressed up as...
just what is she dressed up as...?
A flower bride?
Fun nonetheless.

How's this for a floral seat cover?

This display was fun.  
All-floral jockey's silks.
Note the horse clearing the hedge in the background.

How's this for a chicken coop?
If you want a happy hen, you'll order one...

I even found a dog in one of the gardens!

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  1. Outstandingly beautiful. Thank for the pictures :-)


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