Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skinny, lanky & bald + unmotivated = obedience!

Here's the situation:

Right now Rip is going through a bit of a "phase."
  • He has been getting skinny - this one I can do something about - he's getting more food (which he LOVES)
  • He is looking a bit lanky/leggy
  • He is shedding strangely  - meaning his body hair is "gone" but his voluminous britches and neck fur remain.  Odd.  (puppy shedding?)


Right now I'm feeling a bit "unmotivated" when it comes to competing
  • There's "house stuff" that seems to keep coming up 
  • I've committed myself to exercising more and eating better
  • My international travel schedule for work is ever-changing.  Each international trip requires one, if not two, weekends away from home.  When travel dates keep changing, my ability to enter shows and trials is messed up.


I've been working on stuff I  feel comfortable with and enjoy.  Obedience (mainly).  Since I can't quite bring myself to work on something else "new" (i.e., conformation) - especially when I have a skinny, bald dog - I shifted my focus with Rip back to performance for the time being.

It should come as no surprise that Rip really enjoys obedience.  And the good thing is that obedience work gets Rip out to new places, teaches him focus and attention, and involves learning some self-control.  All things that he needs for conformation, too  :)   


  1. Yeah, I need to work with Nick for sure. I took him to the VKC show today to watch Janet show Sally and Scout and he was...well, he had some bad manners. Not horrible, but he got into his happy place and suddenly lost all ability to listen or reason. :-)

    Bald or not, Rip is still Da Man! He cracks me up.

  2. It's ok, he has plenty of time to grow up. I need to get serious with Kady too.

    Sister Summer however is looking beautiful and earned a 3-point major yesterday.


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