Monday, June 6, 2011

UK Trip 2011 - Around London

On this trip, we made an attempt to do more "touristy" things while in London.  As you know, I went to the Flower Show.  The Husband, The Child, and I also went to the London Eye and went to see The Lion King on stage.

Here are some pictures from our wandering around town

Here's the London Eye.  
It's the most visited tourist attraction in London.
If you're a kid, you want to go in the red car.
Then you ask your parents why you didn't get that one.
Your parents explain the "luck of the draw" and how,
if you inherit their luck, you'll never get it.

Great views of London are what makes the Eye so popular...
A view of the Houses of Parliament  and Westminster Abbey.

We decided to take the bus around London.  Buses are less crowded than the Tube (underground trains).  They're also cheaper, The Child loves sitting up top, and you get to see a lot more of London.  Here's some of what we saw:

Isn't the view from the bus great?
The Child and his stuffed cat love the front of the bus.
Here we're headed towards Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square

The River Thames, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben

The back of Westminster Abbey

The front of the Abbey

Big Ben!  With the London Eye in the background.

Headed towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
Note the road sign...

Now look what it says.
Isn't that polite?  That's so British!


  1. Lovely! And you even got to see it on a sunny day!

  2. Yep, Taryn - we were lucky and had nice weather for most of time in London!


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