Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Doggie New Year's Eve Eve

My dog center training instructors held a New Year's Eve Eve party for dogs, their handlers and their families.  They set up an agility course, everybody brings treats (for people and dogs) and it's a great night of socializing.

I took Ziggy with me, and we had lots of fun.

Lani's highlights: 

Taking Ziggy around 1/2 of an Excellent agility course.  I left out some obstacles to make it more of a Novice level course.  Things he did really well include galloping over the full-height A-Frame with no hesitation (good boy!), taking the full-height dog walk 3 times (only one time was called for, but he enjoyed it, so we did a couple more), going through the chute without hesitation, and not having ANY jumps down!  Our instructor watched the run and mentioned that Z did really well (given his level of training).

Another highlight was one of my even-crazier-than-me dog person friends teaching Ziggy how give kisses.  She holds a treat in her mouth and says, "give me a kiss" - encouraging the dog to lick the treat out of her lips.  Ziggy, the little tramp, thought this was a great game.

Ziggy's highlights:
Sampling all of the yummy dog treats people brought, getting to play with my Beardie! friends (Beardies! are fun!!), getting to run the dog walk 3 times, and getting cookies from strangers.

Here are some photos from the night:

In addition to bringing people snacks, I decided to bake some dog treats.
My sister-in law sent me a dog treat recipe book and cookie cutters for Christmas,
so I figured "why not?"

Here's a picture of the QC Dog Center building:

I LOVE this facility.  It's climate controlled, big, and has fantastic footing.
This isn't our kennel club building, but we rent it once a week and hold our agility trials there.
This is also where I take take lessons each week.
If I ever won the lottery......

Here's Ziggy looking cute, using the eyes that suck everyone in...

Here's Ziggy with Lacey, his beautiful and well-trained Sheltie friend.

This socializing is kind of boring, Mom.  I need to rest.

Happy New Year!

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