Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ziggy's 2010 goals


Get RA and RE titles by December 31
§  Determine areas that we need to focus on January 31
o   Perform each exercise, and mark a Good, Fair, Poor
o   Integrate Fair & Poor exercises into weekly training plan
§  Practice Rally with Precision
o   This is prep for the obedience ring, so all Rally work needs to be done with “1/2 point” precision
o   Intention is to use Rally as a chance to do ring work in “wow” mode to build Ziggy’s confidence
o   After RAE title obtained, take Z back in the ring for his CD
o   Attend SCKC Rally class 2 times per month
§  Possible Rally trials
o   Clinton KC in Dewitt - April 3 & 4
o   ICDOC in Amanas April 9, 10, 11
o   Scott County in Rock Island – May 15 & 16 (2 trials each day)
o   Des Moines and/or Peoria – fall 2010

Earn NAP & NJP titles by December 31
§  Determine areas of obstacle focus by February 28th
o   Evaluate current obstacle performance (soliciting instructor input as well) to determine good, fair, poor rating
o   Develop plan to improve each obstacle performance
§  Weaves
·      Train with channel weaves
§  A-Frame
·      Train running contacts
§  Teeter
·      Continue to build confidence by slowly raising teeter
§  Tunnels
§  Dog walk
§  Table
§  Jumps
·      Continue Susan Salo jump training
o   Develop plan to close the gaps
§  Complete six “out-of-class” practice runs by first AKC trial date
§  Compete in at least 2 local NADAC events in spring & early summer
o   Gain ring experience
o   Focus on Hoopers and Tunnelers
o   Goals for NADAC are to build partnership, improve handling, and encourage Ziggy “gallop” on course
§  Focus AKC trials:
o   Scott County in Davenport – August 14-15
o   DMOTC in Des Moines – mid September
o   Scott County in Daveport – October 2-3

Continue to build Ziggy’s focus and confidence
§  Attend 4 Show n Go’s or other practice events by Dec 31
o   Identify local show n go schedules and map dates to calendar by February 15
§  Continue “dog about town” work
o   Train at two new training locations per month

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