Friday, January 1, 2010

Pictures from Maggie training Z

In my last post, I mentioned that I'd try to take the camera with me the next time Maggie trained Ziggy on the agility equipment.  And, hey, I actually remembered to do it!

Before you go any further, I need to issue a disclaimer:  The photos aren't the best.  One - I need to learn how to use my camera properly (who knew there were so many settings that one could mess up?!?).  Two - it's hard to take photos while sending two dogs across agility equipment.  Well, hard for me anyway.  Perhaps photography is not my "fall back" career....

Here's some of the fun!

First, set both dogs up in the proper order (fast, confident Maggie first):

Next send them over the lowered dog walk:

Oh, a little slow with camera.   Try to get them running toward the camera.

Almost got the shot.  But look how quick they are!

Missed again.  Ziggy didn't quite keep up on this one.
I threw the ball for Maggie so she kicked it into high gear.

But look, Ziggy took the lead this time!  Brave boy.
This one was not set up.  Ziggy just decided it would be fun to run the dog walk again!

Ok, how about taking a rest on the table?
I must admit that Z has a better table performance than M.
I can send him from further away and he has an "automatic" down.
Maybe I am learning something as the years go by...

Now let's do the A-Frame.
This was a "spontaneous" one as well - note how Ziggy still has his toy in his mouth.

And finally, a cute picture of Maggie.  She wants to know why the play has ended.
Can't we go just one more time?  Please....

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  1. It IS hard to get dogs photographed when you're the one sending them over the equipment! Good job, Lani! :)


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