Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ziggy's the Winner! (and a saint)

The Trio frequently do frapping circuits around the house in the evening.  The circuit goes:  around coffee table, down hall, turn around in The Child's room, back down the hall, repeat with the occasional break for wrestling added in. The Child usually joins in, making it a barking, giggling extravaganza.  Such fun! (as long as you don't mind noise)

One night The Child decided that frap time was a race and that Ziggy was the winner!  (Ziggy is the fastest of the 3 - he just rarely wants to go fast).  As the winner, Ziggy got awarded a sticker to wear on his forehead.  Lucky Ziggy!!

Ziggy was very patient as the sticker was placed.

Here's a better shot of it.  Apparently Ziggy is to be recycled.

Unfortunately kid stickers aren't very sticky, so this one fell off quickly.  The Child is industrious though, and it was very important that Ziggy wore his prize, so out came a new sticker and the tape...

Here's the new award, securely taped on:

Ziggy can be thankful that Scotch tape doesn't stick well to Corgi fur, either.  The award promptly fell off with Ziggy's first head rub.  Bravo to Ziggy on his patience.  I think Z was happy that he got a nice head rub and that he was able to sneak in a couple good licks!

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