Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's an enigma

Today the weather was horrible, the roads were nasty, the bridge I take to get to work was closed for a while due to a wreck, and all of my meetings could be done over the phone, so I decided to work remotely.

The human boys were also snowed into today, so I retreated to the guest bedroom to work.  Maggie was hanging out with me - laying on floor by the bed.  The canine boys were banned from the room, as they thought it was time to bark and wrestle, and it's a bit hard to have a conference call with that in the background.

I got up to get some water, and here's what I saw upon my return:

Oh, look how cute she is.  "Don't move me, mom":

We quickly worked things out so that I could have a place to sit:

A sweet story about working remotely with a dog at my side.  What makes this an enigma?

Let me explain.

When Maggie was an agility dog she ran 8" Preferred (meaning she only had to jump 8" tall jumps).  She was quite a good working dog, but her Q (Qualifying) rate wasn't very high - particularly in jumpers.  I estimate that 99% of Maggie's NQ's were the result of having one jump down.

Her "signature" in agility was this noise:  tick, tick, tick, tick.  She would click her nails on nearly every jump.  All of this ticking lead to not-so-infrequent jump bars down.

Fun agility anecdote.  Still, why the enigma?

Here's why:

How does a 10.5 year old dog that used to "tick" her way through a course of 8" high jumps manage to easily jump up on a bed that's nearly 26" high?



  1. Well of course, when you were out of the room she used her secret powers of levitation to gently move herself to a more comfortable spot!

  2. That's The Husband's theory, too - levitation. Either that or one brindle girl has some explaining to do for all of those knocked bars....

  3. Ah, yes, I know that ticking sound quite well! And my big brindle boy has absolutely no problem getting up on the bed either! Maybe we need to use a comfy mattress as an agility motivator?


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