Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free: Therapeutic dog bed insert

While in India, I received this picture from The Husband with the caption, "Still, I will not lay on it."

That's it.   The Trio has spoken.  I've given up.  I've called it.  The expensive therapeutic dog bed has been taken out of service.

The dog bed cover is really nice, though, and it complements my decor.  I didn't want to get rid of it.  So what have I stuffed the dog bed cover with?  Down!!  The Trio's favorite bed (excepting the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair) is a Planet Dog down/feather bed that I got from a friend as a gift years ago.  When Ziggy was a naughty puppy, he chewed through the original cover, so my mom made a new one.  On Saturday I decided to wash that cover, only to discover that it was on its last legs as well. 

Rather than throw the down bed away, or make yet another cover for it, I had a "brilliant" idea.  I asked my mom (who was visiting) to make a new insert/case for the down.  She made it the right size to fit in the LLBean cover.  Then I transferred the down/feathers from the old bed case to the new one.  Voila!  A new down dog bed in the stylish LLBean cover!

Well, maybe "Voila!" is missing a few steps.  Here's what our front porch looked like after I finished the feather transfer (heck, that's pretty much what it still looks like).

And to think that at one point I thought doing the transfer inside the house might be the way to go...

The Child and I had a good time on the front porch playing with the feathers.  We discovered that it was fun to grab a handful of feathers, take them to the sidewalk, and throw them into the wind.  My, how far those feathers can fly!  (Sorry to my downwind neighbors.  No, a goose didn't meet a bad end in our cul-de-sac.)

As a final note -  if anyone wants the insert I'll bring it to the National Specialty with me.  It's barely been used!


  1. Rejected by all three? That bed must have some baaaddddd juju. And just looking at a picture of all that down made my eyes water!

  2. When I glanced ahead at the feathers pic, I thought perhaps Ziggy had revisited his naughty puppy past.

  3. Yes, none of the dogs would sleep on the bed. Occasionally Ziggy would take a chewy treat up there to work it, but otherwise the bed was vacant. More of a decorative piece, really.


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