Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She's not really thinking about it, is she?!?

Oh yes, yes I am.

Those of you who were "lucky" enough to see my outstanding (and not in a good way) brace performances at the National Specialty last year may be thinking to yourself, "what will it take for that woman to learn her lesson?"  Clearly, I haven't found an answer to that question, and I've got a better plan this year.  Maggie + Ziggy.

Last year I had:
Denzil + Maggie = really not pretty, but vaguely resembling a Novice test
Denzil + Ziggy = disastrous corgi frap-a-thon resulting in more than one premature "exercise finished" from the judge

Denzil was the common denominator, and the instigator of naughtiness.  

The only combination I haven't tried is Maggie + Ziggy.  

I haven't made the decision yet.  I have another week or so to figure it out....


For those of you who've never seen a brace competition - it's when a (barely sane) handler takes 2 dogs into the obedience ring and performs a Novice Obedience test.  The dogs can be disconnected (2 leashes), or connected via a coupler (shown above), with only one leash used.  As in Novice obedience, there's also an off leash portion of the test.  This is where things can go very badly wrong.


  1. Now I am really bummed out that I'm not going to Pennsylvania. Truly, Lani, the Brace exercises were among the high points of the week in Topeka -- for those of us watching. Somehow, I suspect, you may have viewed it differently. Anyhow, I really hate to miss this version. Be sure to take your kaleidoscope!

  2. OH how fun! Magic and Grace and I did Brace a year or so ago. What a hoot. Grace decides she was on the wrong side and actually jumped over Magic while heeling, to get closer to me. She was so proud! We wish you well, and truly, truly pray someone will video the fun.

  3. Do it! Do it! Do it! (Easy for me to say, I'm an obedience drop-out). The worst that can happen is you'll provide entertainment for everyone. And the best that can happen: you'll win and earn a '200' (or would that be a '400')?


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