Thursday, March 11, 2010

India - I miss Muzak

That's a statement I never thought I'd say.  But, like many things, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Last night (Thursday) we met some colleagues at a nice restaurant for dinner.  When we arrived, they were playing instrumental, modern, Indian music.  Forgive me for that description if you're a music person, but it's the best way for me to describe it.  I sat down and thought to myself, "oh no, I might not be able to do the blog posting I'd planned about missing Muzak," as the music they were playing was appropriate to the atmosphere in the restaurant.

This lovely music continued in the background until we were nearing the end of our main course.  Then I was vindicated.  Suddenly, the music stopped.  When it re-started it was house and dance music.  My colleague (also from the US) turned to me and asked, "when is the disco ball going to drop?"  Now I like house music, (and part of me was tempted to throw my napkin on the table, shove back my chair, and start to dance)  but house music is a bit incongruous in the middle of a nice business meal.

During similar meals I've also experienced: 
'80's pop music (not so bad), Eminem and hard-core US Rap (this one's my favorite, as it occurred while dining in the ballroom of a 5 star hotel), and other various combinations of 70's, 80's & 90's pop.

I have to just smile at the disconnect between music and atmosphere and say "sure I'll have another drink.  Oh, and will you pass the naan?"


  1. I absolutely LOVE Indian food, although I would be afraid truly authentic Indian food might wreak havoc with my GI tract ;-) Sort of like what happens in Mexico!

  2. What a wonderful Cardi trio you have !
    And you live in Iowa: Iowa is the only place I've been in the US, I stayed a month in Boone, when I was young....long ago ! lol

  3. Taryn - I love Indian food, too. Most of it isn't too hot (spicy, but not hot), but my colleagues generally steer me away from the really hot stuff

  4. Flo - welcome to the blog! I'll pass along your compliments to the Cardis. Funny that you've lived in Iowa. Quite a place for your only US experience!


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