Tuesday, March 9, 2010

India - March trip: day two (or is it 3?)

Ah, the joy of jetlag.  To bed at midnight.  Wide awake at 4am.  I'm really looking forward to a full day of meetings, followed by a dinner w/ my company's India leadership team.  I ought to be on great form by the time dinner starts at 8pm. 

Caffeine.  My friend.

I promise a longer post later today or tomorrow morning when I'm up at 4am.

Here's my "random India picture of the day"

Who would litter if they had such cute trash cans? 

Oh, wait a minute.  Maybe it takes more than just cute trash cans.

At least the pigs are helping with cleanup.


  1. Those are funky trash cans AND funky looking pigs.

  2. What odd pigs....they have long, straight tails!


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