Thursday, March 11, 2010

India - Nice pictures and a nice story

Nice pictures

Ok, so I realize that my trash/litter post probably didn't contain the photos of India that one might hope to see, so today I'll share some photos that I think show some of the interest/beauty of India that I captured on my last trip here.

A procession walked by our hotel. In the middle of the day. Complete with well-dressed people, flags, and a fancy cart & horse

Beautfully dressed women carrying a grass/plant of some sort

Roadside stand with vibrantly colored produce


Boys selling fruit to passengers on the bus in front of us (we were stopped at toll for a long time)

Nice story

There are a few feral/stray dogs that live across the road from our guest house.  You might remember from my last India trip (in October) that there are quite a number of these dogs in India.  Occasionally we hear a kerfuffle between them and other strays.  Today on the way to work we heard barking.  When we got to the road one of the dogs looked at my colleague and I and started to follow us.  (To provide a visual for you dog people, he looked like a basenji pointer cross).

The dog continued to travel along with us - sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, sometimes to the side.  Once he even walked right up to us, stopped, looked at me, and gave a sweet doggie smile.  He continued to follow us the entire 1/2 mile to work - including crossing a 4 lane road right by our sides.

When we started to approach the office (30 yards away) he looked at us, smiled, turned, and walked away.  

What a great way to start the day!


  1. These are lovely. I want the pile of marigolds in my house. And a dog escort? Excellent.

  2. It's a loaner dog -- like when your car is in the shop.


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