Friday, March 5, 2010

Trio Off-Leash Decision Tree: A new smell!

Ziggy & Maggie get a fair amount of off-leash time when the bike path near our house isn't busy.  The love to run through the grass and trees, sniffing everything they can.

Having spent years observing their off leash behavior, I would like to share the Trio's off leash "decision tree"  when they happen upon a new smell.

Step one:  Identify new smell

Decide:  Is this a really raunchy smell?

-->    if NO - sniff lightly and return to mom.

--->   if YES, proceed with decision tree

Decide:  Can I eat it?

--->   if YES, eat it and return to mom looking smug and enjoying the horrified look on her face.

--->   if NO, proceed with decision tree

Decide:  Is this something stinky enough to roll in?

--->   if YES,  roll for as long as you can.  Ignore your mom's calls.  You're rolling; it's heaven - who needs her?  When you're finally done rolling (and not a moment before) - return to your mom.

--->   if NO, pee on it and return to mom

Now that you're back with mom, begin to look for something else to sniff. 

 Repeat decision process as necessary.


  1. LOVE IT! Norman does the same thing...maybe not in the exact order...but the eating thing can be quite disturbing!

  2. LMAO -- that's exactly how the baddogs reason through the scent discrimination exercise -- and we are not talking Utility here!

  3. Funny post! Are you/were you a programmer at some time?

  4. We took Liam on a walk today and noticed he does everything the same. It was funny to see him do exactly what you explained!

  5. Taryn - no, not a programmer. I just took one too many statistics classes in school. So many things in life can be reviewed in a decision tree!


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