Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trio Product Review #2: LLBean Therapeutic Dog Bed

Denzil wanted me to post a product review for his dog bed.
This is the LL Bean Therapeutic Dog Bed

My mom bought this bed for me a while ago.   She claims that the bed is high quality, and that the bumps on the bed should "eliminate pressure points" and "ease joint pain."  This may be true, but I do not like this bed.  I refuse to lay for any amount of time on this bed.

Here's what the bed looked like for a long time:

It was in the family room but I would not lay on it.  Notice I am not on this bed.

Sometimes I would lay my head on it:

It makes a pretty good pillow.

Sometimes I use it to prop myself up:

It works nicely as a paw rest, but I do not like to lay on it.

So my mom moved the bed to the bedroom and put it into what she calls the "prime sleeping location."  Yes, this location is closest to her, but I would still not lay on it. 

So she tried to put an extra dog bed on top of it.  She claims this makes it softer and better for nesting.

I still will not lay on it.  At night, she sometimes puts me on this bed.  I stay on the bed until she's asleep, then I move to one of the other dog beds.

I find these beds much more appealing.  

Now, I don't want you to think that I am picky about where I lay.

I sometimes just lay down on the floor (it's better than that dog bed).

I love to lay on the sofa.  My mom lifts me up and down so I can snuggle with the pack.

I also love to lay in the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair.  This is my brother's chair, but he doesn't stay in it all the time.  Sometimes I get my turn.  He loves this chair.  I think he's told you about it before.  

It's nothing against LL Bean.  They make nice dog beds, and dog blankets, and floor mats that I lay on.  We even have another LL Bean bed that's almost just the same.  Without the therapeutic pad.  I love that bed.

I have also been known to lay in mud puddles when I can find them.  My mom doesn't have a picture of that, but she says she'll get one once Iowa thaws out enough for mud puddles.  

You see, I'm not a picky dog.  But I do not like to lay on the therapeutic dog bed.  I do not recommend it to other corgis.


  1. Oh Denzil, I'm sorry. You are a true Orygun dog who has been kidnapped and taken to Iowa where they give you therapeutic pet beds instead of natural Cardigan materials. You need a nest of damp bark and moss to lay in like you would have in Wales or in Orygun to prove that you truly do not have "sense enough to come in out of the rain". Or alternately you need to convince your mom and dad that they need to buy you a king-sized sleepnumber bed with steps up to it. If we can all sleep here with 2 hoomans, 4 Cardigans, and 2 cats, surely it can fit your little family.

    Your cuzzin Hux

  2. From Spencer and Scout:

    Hold on to your principles, Denzil! We did until our mom bought us a king sized tempurpedic. We race ahead of her at bedtime so that we can stretch out and perfectly align ourselves so that she has a whole corner of the bed to herself.

  3. I can just hear him saying this...and it cracks me up every time ;)


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