Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And so it begins

After my whinging post about conformation, I figured I better learn a bit more about it.  I love to read, so my first stop was  

I decided to start with these two.  Any other recommendations for the breed ring newbie?


  1. "Just Do It".

    No, not a book ;-)

  2. There is no substitute for going to handling class and then to matches. You'll feel as if you are short an arm or two and could use some extra hands, that the dog is always looking the wrong way, that you will trip over your feet or the dog, BUT it gets better every time. There is an art to showing well and you perfect your art by doing it. Honestly.

  3. Sometimes at shows there are vendors who will have handling workshops after best in show is over. Usually it will be one of the vendors who carry all the grooming stuff. Cheryl (Scout's handler) really likes to go to these and always advises new handlers to go. Even with all her experience she will go to one with a new dog or one that is having an issue of some kind, just to get another opinion or fresh suggestions on handling issues.

  4. Des Moines show is this weekend, there should be a match saturday night. Check Onofrio


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