Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lesson Plans: Maggie

Here's my last lesson plan installment - you didn't think I've leave Maggie out, did you?

Maggie is semi-retired, but REFUSES to be left out of training, so I've got some plans for her, too.  She is the most keen of all three dogs, and gets really excited when I say "do you wanna work?"  So work we will.

I've still "got it" -- let me work!!

Maggie gets to work on obedience

  • Maybe this fall we'll try for our Graduate Open title so...
  • Gloves - work on marking (looking at) the glove.  Maggie doesn't really want to take the time to stop.  I say "take it" and she's off like a shot.  We need to mark first, so we ensure she's after the correct glove.
  • Finish up "Around the Clock" scent article training.  Go back to week 5, and finish the weeks.  Maggie seems to really like this task.
  • Go-outs.  I need to re-train this.  The target work I was doing has been hard to wean.  I think I'll try a mat this time.  I can then cut down the mat to a smaller & smaller size...

  • 3 times a week.  My time is an issue, and I'm not in a hurry.  If she never makes it in the ring again, that's ok.  This is to give the old lady a job.  Oh, and I love working with this dog :)

1 comment:

  1. Sweet old girl :-)

    She takes after her mother and half sister.


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