Saturday, January 29, 2011

Double Q! Beginners luck?

Woo hoo!  It's 2 blues!

Ziggy did a very nice job today at his first-ever agility trial.  He qualified in both Standard and Jumpers, and took first place in both classes -- what a way to start an agility career!

I took Taryn's advice, and had a friend video both of Z's "inaugural" runs.  


Here's our first run - Novice Standard 8" Preferred.  We were the only dog in our class, and the second dog in the ring.  Ziggy was doing quite a lot of looking around (why is this strange man following me?  why are these people standing by the dog walk?), causing him to be even slower than usual (and that's saying something).  

For those of you who enjoy a bit of Cardi-induced humor, hang on until the last jump.  The woman who is straightening the chute decides to straighten it before we've finished the last jump.  Ziggy was not a pleased.

We ended the Standard run just under 1 second over course time, with one refusal for 95 points.


Next was Novice Jumpers 8" Preferred.  I was pleased with Z's performance, particularly since his Standard run ended on a less-than-stellar note.  His one refusal was the jump that the bar setter who "ran after him" in the previous class was sitting by.  Putting myself between this suspect character and Ziggy seemed to do the trick.  We ended just over one second over course time, with one refusal for 94 points.  The other dog in the class NQ'd (failed to qualify thanks to more than one wrong course), so we ended up in first place again!

For those of you who are still awake after watching our Standard run, here's Jumpers:

Other highlights from today include:
  • Ziggy ruining yet another soft crate in an attempt to escape.  Mild-mannered Ziggy is the only dog I've had that can escape from a crate if it's not all the way "locked down," or tear his way out if it is, but it's a soft crate.  Guess I'll get to lug the wire crate around from now on.  ugh.
  • Rip barking furiously at a pair of Samoyeds.  What ARE those things!?!  Rip never did calm down about the Samy's - I had to move him away so they were out of sight.  Guess I need to socialize him better with white, fluffy dogs?
  • A friend (who knows both Z and Rip) commenting to me after Ziggy's run, "It's going to be a LOT different for you to run Rip in agility."  Yes indeed it is.


  1. He made me tired to watch....lots of energy to try to get him up, I'm guessing!

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to start his agility career. I bet he will speed up as he gets more confident about all the ring activity. Wilson was often slow early on, just making time. But by the time we were in Excellent I never even thought about it.

    As a side note, it is a bit frustrating when ring crew move a bit too soon to reset things. It really does upset the more sensitive dogs. Also when a judge hovers too close to the table....

  3. Well, he's no speed demon, but he does take direction -- and you had a good result. Trayn's right -- running with Rip will include "running".

  4. Oh gawd. He makes me remember running Maggie's mom Julie is agility.

    But he was very clean.

    Kady's "thing" seems to be big black dogs, like Newfs. More socialization is needed on that, for sure.

  5. I think he had good, clean runs and took direction well. Congratulations Ziggy!

    Now Rip - I can't *wait* to see him in action!

  6. Congrats on the Q's!! Fast or not. :)

    I somewhat imagined that would be what it was like running Lizzie in agility. Imagine my surprise when I took her to class and she's actually quite speedy! Now just to find time to get her back in training enough to start competing...oh yeah, and get her son out there too.

  7. Huge congrats Lani! Lovely ribbons, lovely runs and lovely handling on your part! Oh how Ziggy reminds me of my days running Riley in agility! He may not be super speedy but his tail is up and he looks so happy to be out there with you and that's what really matters! Congrats again!

  8. Congratulations! Those first Qs in a partnership are so important. I'm betting w/Rip you will be looking for the oxygen tank at the end of your runs.

  9. Thanks for all of your comments! Yes, Ziggy does take a lot of energy to get going. He does seem to enjoy it, though. As Kristine commented, he generally wags his way around the course. Slowly.

    I hope Z takes after Wilson and gets quicker and more confident as we progress.


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