Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Review

Aargh.  I’ve put it off for a few days, but I guess it’s time to reflect on the past year.

It’s a bit depressing thinking about all that I hoped to accomplish last year – compared with what I actually DID accomplish.

Dog Goals:

My dog goals took a real hit.  Lots of work travel, plus lack of motivation at times, meant that I didn’t achieve nearly what I’d intended to. 

Maggie enjoyed her mostly-retired lifestyle.

Ziggy smiled his way through some good Rally scores,
and continued to thwart my attempts to make him a keen performance dog.

Highlights from the year:
  • Ziggy got his RA title, with respectable scores.
  • Maggie & Ziggy won obedience brace class both days of the National Specialty
  • Denzil found a good “retirement” home with my parents.
  • I (crazily?) added Rip to the pack.

Denzil found a great new home, and LOVES
being the center of attention.

I went on vacation and came home with a puppy.
He was living only 60 miles from my could I resist?

Personal goals:

Again, didn’t quite accomplish what I would have liked – particularly in the area of weight loss (sigh).

At least I got to visit some lovely new places....

Highlights from the year:
  • I logged more than 80,000 air miles!
  • I read nearly 40 books – the most I’ve read in one year since becoming a parent -- (I like to read when I’m on a plane…)
  • I visited 5 countries other than my own, and acquired a stamp from a “new” country in my passport (Spain)
  • I met all of my dog training/education goals 

Yes, 2010 is over.  Now I'm mulling over what I’d like to accomplish in 2011.  More about that next week (perhaps).


  1. 80k miles...oh my goodness! Happy New Year!

  2. 80,000 air miles? wow. All I can say (as someone who isn't all that crazy about flying) is wow!

  3. Thankfully, I don't mind flying - it's the only time I'm left alone to read in peace and (relative) quiet... I have become a big fan of compression socks, though.


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