Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rip is a STAR!

Look at the sparkle in his eye... how can anyone deny that he's a star?

Even the AKC agrees!

Yes, Rip completed puppy class (The Husband took him to this class), then passed his STAR Puppy test on the last day of class.

This program is relatively new to the AKC, and contains tests/verifications on basic puppy care, puppy manners, and (very) basic obedience elements.  It's a nice precursor to the CGC, then on to obedience & agility titles if desired.  Sure, it's not an official title, but who wouldn't want a puppy who's a STAR?


  1. I knew it from the beginning -- and Pete's a star as well.

  2. Yeah! Your hubby deserves a medal too for taking him. Is Rips first dog show coming up?


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