Sunday, December 19, 2010

35 Cardis and 1 Pem

Today I got into the Christmas spirit and baked frosted sugar cookies using the cookie cutter I got from Cardi Claus.

The final tally is 35 cardigans and 1 pembroke (ok, it was meant to be 36 Cardis, but one of the tails broke off...).

We will be giving a dozen of them to our veterinarians as an end-of-year "thank you" from the Trio.  I'll also be taking a few to some "crazy dog friends" at work.  The rest will be happily eaten by The Husband, The Child, and me.

Maggie is mad that I didn't follow Penni's advice and make cardi cookies FOR the Cardis.  I promised her I'll do that during Christmas break.

Ready to go in the oven

The first batch is almost done

Frosted and ready to eat.

I tried to make one that was colored like a Cardi.
The Husband asked if The Child had decorated it.
Thanks, sweetie.  
I realize that my fallback career will not be decorating cookies.

What's a project without a helper corgi?
Rip hung out with me to "help" with baking and frosting.


  1. Pondering if I have time to do some cookies this week. It would be very fun to take some Huxley-shaped cookies to the office party on Thursday.

    Chocolate frosting would be appropriate.

  2. Chocolate would be more breed-appropriate, but I just can't imagine a sugar cookie without buttery, sugary white frosting :)

  3. They turned out much better than my angels/trees/bells today. Perhaps next year I need to make Standard Poodle cookies.


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