Saturday, December 11, 2010

A vacation to see Denzil. Errr I mean to see my family...

Such a sweet, sweet dog

Last week The Husband, Child, and I went back to SW Washington to have a week of holiday celebrations with my family.  As I've mentioned before, an added bonus of visiting The Family is that we get to see Denzil.

Unfortunately Denz was not doing well when we got there.  He was very happy, but toe-touching lame on his right rear.  Apparently the day before we arrived,  he went outside  and came in lame.  Who knows what he was up to.

After a couple of days of rest Denz showed no improvement, so my Dad and I took Denz to the vet.  Diagnosis - just a bad flare-up of his arthritis.  The vet gave him some extra pain meds (compatible w/ his regular Deramaxx), and he had a laser treatment.  This seemed to help him feel more comfortable, but he still wasn't pain-free.

This week Denz went back to the vet for a tooth cleaning.  We had the vet take another set of knee x-rays while Denzil was "out."  The good news is that the vet didn't see much of a change in the past year or so.  And, apparently, this last bout of lameness was relatively short-lived, as my Dad tells me Denzil is doing well enough to rejoin my Dad on their daily walks...

Denzil in "his" 1.5 acre yard.
Apparently he likes to just lay in the yard and look at the critters.

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