Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Oh, that didn't go exactly as I'd planned"

I have a new favorite phrase.

Today The Husband and I were cleaning up in the kitchen when I dropped the soap and knocked over a stack of dishes in the sink.  Instead of cursing or fretting, I said, "Oh, that didn't go exactly as I'd planned."

The Husband cracked up.

Then I started to think about other applications of the phrase.  Said with a slightly incredulous tone, it can be used to lighten up many situations (you have dogs, so you know the type  situations I mean).  You can even play around with where you put the emphasis during the phrase to best support the situation.

Some examples*:

You're in the ring and your brace team decides to frap during the off leash heeling.  Instead of looking mortified and feeling embarrassed, why not just look at the judge and say, "Oh, that didn't go exactly as I'd planned."?


Your puppy gets loose during his STAR puppy test and goes to greet 3 other dogs standing outside the ring.  You could hang your head in shame, but why not just say, "Oh, that didn't go exactly as I'd planned."

If you're really disciplined with the phrase,  it can be used to lighten even more serious situations.  For example, if you are going too fast around a corner and put your car into a snow bank while pulling into your child's preschool.  When a helpful fellow motorist pulls over to help you, instead of apologizing for being stupid enough to try to take the corner so quickly, why not just say, "Oh, that didn't go exactly as I'd planned."

I encourage you to try the phrase.  You just might like it...

*Please note that none of these situations is fictitious.  Unfortunately I didn't use the phrase for any of them.


  1. Gee, if only I'd had this phrase handy this evening when the neighbors surprised me at the front door.....

  2. :)

    (You still would have needed the bourbon!)

  3. I could have it printed on a banner and hang it in my office -- it applies many times a day.


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