Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sh*t my dog eats

As I've had many posts recently about Rip ripping into various items, I feel like I should change the title of my blog to "Sh*t my dog eats."

Here's the most unexpected, or perhaps most amusing, thing he's eaten so far.

My bra. 

Yes, my dog ate my bra.  Now mind you, this is not just any bra.  It's my most expensive, most comfortable, and (previously) most often worn bra. 

Now take a close look at where he chose to tear it up.  If this conformation/obedience thing doesn't work out for him, I think the boy's got a career at Fredrick's of Hollywood...

Naughty indeed.


  1. Wow. Almost makes me glad Georgia has chosen electronics are her preferred chew toys. More expensive but less embarrassing.

  2. Too funny (if rather annoying!)....Puppies do seem to have a thing for underwear..... I can remember visiting a friend one time with a young Dylan (my first Cardi, gone to the Bridge in 2003), he disappeared for a moment or too, and returned, proudly carrying my friend's sexiest pair of panties, retrieved from the laundry, no less!

  3. You know, 12+ years ago we had a really, really naughty puppy named Brady. And he trained me REALLY quickly how to keep things out of his reach. I think you might be a slow learner...? ;-)

    (I kid, I kid. Baddog!)

  4. Jeri -
    You make a good point. I should have learned by now. Unfortunately Rip is much faster, is a better jumper, and is more wiley than the other cardis. Things that I think are out of the way just aren't for Rip. I think I'd need to hang everything from the ceiling....

  5. Around Thanksgiving, my mother and I were hanging out at my sister's house. Her whippet puppy kept dashing through the house with the greyhound in close pursuit...I saw something in her mouth and finally got up to see what it was. Her bra, stolen out of the clothes hamper. I told her she should be thankful we weren't a group from church or the DAR.


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