Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Travel Tuesday: San Diego!!

FINALLY I get smart when planning business travel, and hit the right geography at the right time of year.  Yesterday I left home - where the temp was below zero, and landed in San Diego, where the temp on arrival at 7-something PM was 70 degrees!!  Lovely, beautiful, balmy weather!

This morning it was a bit cooler, but my meetings started in late morning, so I had a chance to go to the beach.  The ocean and beach are special, and especially appreciated when one lives in Iowa.  Here are a few pics from this morning (before the fog burned off).

A bit of a grey morning, but lovely regardless.
The sound of the sea, the fresh sea air....

In the grey light, the rocks looked beautiful

I thought these 3 were sweet. 
And I loved the patterns in the sand.

These patterns in the sand were even more impressive

Looking for breakfast

Another local resident

In the afternoon it cleared off to a gorgeous blue sky.  We even got to eat lunch outside!  What a treat for a midwesterner in December!

Tomorrow it's back to the office for some meetings.  I'm hoping to finish up early enough to hit the beach for sunset...

Remind me again why I live in Iowa?


  1. I hated it when we lived there that the weather wasn't "Christmasy" in December.

    But the older I get, the better the mild weather suits me.

  2. We moved from Iowa 6 yrs ago...it sounds like your trip couldn't have been timed any better. Our families have told us how bitterly cold it's been!

    Just stumbled onto your blog and had to comment once I saw you are an Iowan :)

  3. I had a job that used to take me to San Diego from time to time. My favorite time to go was August, when it was 99 F and 99% humidity in Tennessee and it was 72 there.


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