Friday, December 10, 2010

Naughty by name; naughty by nature

The blog post title is The Husband's favorite quote when referring to Rip.

In case you're wondering if Rip is living up to his name, here's what happened when I was out of the room for mere moments....

Maybe mom won't notice the ripping noise.
After all, she is down the hall...

Maggie says, "Move away from me. 
 I want nothing to do with your naughtiness."

Ok then, I'll just settle in to chewing.

Lest you think that this bag is the only bag that suffered, I also found these "victims"lying on the floor:

Bag #2

The Child's school papers.
"The dog ate my homework" applies here...

Mr. Naughtypants did himself proud while I was putting The Child to bed!


  1. Trader Joe's bags are a favorite in our house too, LOL. Love the look on Maggie's face!

  2. So Cute! I think Mr. NaughtyPants still has a puppy license so it's hard to get too mad.


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