Monday, December 6, 2010

Cardi Claus came!

Many thanks to Laura, Ricky, and the Lyberty Gang for a great Cardi Claus package!

Cardi Claus was good to us!

The Trio got many yummy treats and I got a Cardi cookie cutter.  The (human) Child saw it and decided that we're making Cardi Christmas cookies this weekend!

Here's The Trio's reaction:

Treats!  Treats! Treats! I can't contain myself!

Mr. Naughtypants will have the whole stocking, thank you!

And, meanwhile, the dogs that I've trained....

Please mom, please.  We're giving you our best stares....


  1. Homemade dog treats that are shaped like Cardis? That's an awesome idea (Maggie paid me to post that).

  2. We are so glad the trio like their package!


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