Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new AKC agility title! (one that Ziggy will never earn)

 Today the AKC announced a new agility titling class:  Time to Beat.

In this class, the "most accurate, quickest dog sets the pace."

Ziggy says, "Quick and accurate?  Who needs that?"

It's the quickest part that throws Ziggy and I out of contention.  Z and I are scheduled for a trial at the end of this month, and I'm quite worried about making the Novice Preferred course time...

The T2B class sounds like fun to run, though -- like a Jumpers With Weaves class with some contact obstacles thrown in.

Did any of you participate in the trial/exhibition runs for this event?  If so, was it as fun as it seems?

Maybe in a couple of years I'll have a T2B candidate...

Rip says, "That quick part sounds like lots of fun.
Maybe wild snow frapping will help me prepare!"


  1. It definitely sounds like fun, although certain lightweight and speedy breeds will definitely be favored. I have been to several trials that offered a demo, but they always saved it until the end of the day. It's hard to wait around through Novice when you finished 3 hours earlier, so I've never seen/tried it.

  2. My Pmembroke, Sidney, often had the 2nd or 3rd fastest time in his agility hay days. (And that was in regular height classes against BCs and such...)

    Sounds like fun. I'll bet Rip would love a class like that. I know Summer is incredibly agile already.


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