Friday, January 21, 2011

Off leash + snow = FUN

Rip is now starting to get some off-leash time on walks.  This is great for all involved, as it means Rip gets more worn out (good for us), and gets to explore new places (good for him).  We're very careful about where & when he's off leash, as he's still working on his recalls.  

Here are some pics from a recent outing on the bike path:

You come at me, I show you my teeth!

Ha Ha!  Two can play at that game!

Wait. We can bite play at home.  
Let's RUN!


  1. I wish we had snow here more than once every four or five years. I know the little beasts would love it. Rip has the BEST life!

  2. Off-leash really does do a great job of burning the energy off! They can get up to speed so much more often!


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