Monday, December 26, 2011

A Good Christmas to Be a Cardi

We had great weather here in Iowa yesterday, so the Humans got to spend some good outdoor time with Maggie and Rip.  Unfortunately Ziggy had to stay inside - but he got to enjoy some Christmas treats.  Here are some pics form the day.

Maggie enjoyed sniffing along on our walk,
 and hung out with me in the sunshine while The Child played on the playground.

Ziggy enjoyed a rawhide candy cane.

He also got a new rope giraffe toy -
which Rip immediately tried to grab through the bars of the crate.

Rip got two outings

First, he and I went for a long, long walk.  Not many people were out so he got to be off leash in the park.  

Lots of things live in the woods.  
You can't hide, squirrels!

Rip was thirsty, so I tried to get him to come down to the stream for a drink.
He gave me the "my mom is doing strange things" look.

When the look didn't get me to climb back up, 
he tried barking his displeasure.
Note scorpion tail accompanying barking.

What's a walk on a sunny day without a good roll?

Later in the afternoon, we took The Child to the playground.  Some young men showed up with their Lab.  They said the Lab was friendly, so we let Rip off leash to play.

The Lab was a quite a bit older than Rip, so Rip had to work
hard to get it to play.  This also involved some barking
when the Lab had the audacity to stop.

But I got a good recall when the play was over!
Note tongue hanging out.

Here's what happened when we got home.
Mission accomplished!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful day, too!

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  1. We had a gorgeous sunny and warm Christmas day here too! (All of December has been pleasantly mild this year!) And it is great how empty the outdoors is on Christmas. Off-leash time galore :-)

    BTW, I love the term "scorpion tail". That's funny!


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