Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ziggy is home!

I'm happy to report that Ziggy was given the all-clear to come home yesterday evening.  We are all happy to have him here!

He seems to be inching his way in the right direction.  The vet says it will be weeks, not days, before we see some real improvement.  Today, though, Ziggy is mostly peeing on his own, is lifting his tail to poop, and seems to be trying to stand a bit in his physical therapy.

The picture is a little blurry, 
but you can see how HAPPY Ziggy is to be home!

Last night we brought him up on the sofa with us to hang out.
I started rubbing his ears and scratching his face.
It's got to be a pain, though, for Z not to be able to scratch.

Here's The Husband doing one of Z's physical therapy exercises.
Pete calls it the bicycle - he moves Z's hind legs in a cycling
motion while keeping the back & front end still.
He's supposed to do this at least 3x/day.

Here Z is getting set up to practice standing.
Basically, we stack him, and help him hold up his hind end.
Another part of his physical therapy.

The Child is VERY happy to have Ziggy home, too.
Today he told me, "Ziggy loves me mom."  
Yes, Ziggy does.  Just look at his face!

While rubbing Z's face again, he showed his appreciation by giving me a nice kiss.
All the folks at the vet loved Ziggy.
They said he was sweet, friendly, and licked them a lot.
Good boy.

The other dogs are doing pretty well with Ziggy.  They sniffed him well, and seem to be pleased that he's back with the pack.

Rip, of course, figured out a way to push in the ex-pen and pull on Ziggy's bedding to get Ziggy's toys out.  Even though I gave Rip one of the exact same nylabones, he persisted.  Rip must have all the resources.  I have since reinforced the right hand side of the ex-pen with some pieces of a heavy-duty plastic pen.  This seems to have solved the problem.  But we still won't leave Rip out of his crate unattended around Ziggy.  Naughty, naugty boy.

Rip is looking for the right approach to get the toys.
Ziggy is looking unimpressed.


  1. He does look happy to be home! Hope recovery comes quickly!

  2. He looks so happy. You must be so happy! I am so happy for you all! : )It is a great Christmas present to have him home and on the mend. I hope he surprises the vets with how quickly he recovers!

  3. What a sweet boy! Speedy recovery wishes for you and Ziggy!


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