Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ziggy the Cardigan Corgi - IVDD - Week 2

On Friday, it was two weeks since Ziggy had surgery.  Here's an update on how he's doing:

Ziggy got his staples out on Friday.  His wound has healed nicely, and the brindle hair is coming back.  I'm planning to give him a bath on Wednesday - to wash the "vet clinic" smell out of him.

Wound not looking gruesome any more.

The Husband was on his own all week, as I was on a business trip.  He deserves a TON of credit, as carrying Ziggy around, taking him to the bathroom, etc.  is quite tiring and time consuming.

Ziggy still is not going pee on his own.  The Husband is getting quite good at expressing Ziggy's bladder.  I still can't even find it.  Hopefully Z will be going on his own soon so I don't have to learn this skill :)

It was interesting being gone for a week, though, as I really noticed progress in how Z is doing.  He's still not walking, but he's much more steady on his hind end when we do the "stacking" part of his physical therapy.  We're sometimes even able to let go, or support him with just a finger, and he stays steady.

The vet says his progress is slow, but it is progress.  At this rate, the vet thinks Z might be walking around New Year's.

Ziggy with the tree Cardi Claus sent.
Not that it's already been dis-em-squeeked.
Mere back surgery won't keep Z from destroying a toy!

Ziggy is not a big fan of his pen, 
so we've been bringing him onto the sofa 
when we're around to supervise. 
To say he loves it is an understatement.

Laying in his favorite position - 
it offers a great view outside.

Ziggy really hates to be left alone.  I took Rip out for a walk on Saturday morning.  I left Maggie and Ziggy at home - each with a rawhide chew.  Ziggy was in pen when I left.  When I returned home he was waiting by the front door - 3 rooms away.  Yikes!  He'd battered his way out of the pen, and drug himself over to the door.  Not good.  Thankfully we had an appt w/ the vet later that day.  The vet didn't think any damage was done, and now we're putting Z in a crate if he's not supervised.

Here's what the pen looked like.  
I still don't really know how he got out.  
He must have gone underneath?

Ziggy also seems to missing going out.  When we have him in his sling in the back yard, he'll often walk us over to one of the gates and stand there with a hopeful look on his face.  

I did let the boys do some biting play today.  I sat right next them to make sure Rip didn't jostle Ziggy.  They both seemed to enjoy it.

Boys just want to play.

Bite play is fun.

In rehab news, we're continuing the standard exercises - bicycle for range of motion, stacking, and standing w/ light support.  I also got a referral to a local DVM who does acupuncture.  I'm hoping to get Z in for an appt this week.


  1. Glad to hear he's making progress. The pics of him playing with Rip made me tear up. That's just how Summer would be if one of the other dogs was hurt. So sweet!

  2. Gotta say, your husband is a SAINT! With you needing to travel so soon after the surgery, he really is amazing for handling this!

    It sounds like Ziggy is coming along, and that his spirits are holding up. I wish him continued improvement.

  3. So glad that there is progress. Continued prayers for continued healing.

  4. His half - sister Priscilla lays the same way on the couch. Give Z kisses for me! Glad he is making progress.

  5. I am so glad he is healing well. Walking by New Years would be a fabulous way to start the year! Fingers and paws are crossed.


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