Monday, December 5, 2011

Ziggy the Cardigan Corgi - IVDD - Day 4: The Husband learns a new skill!

Thanks to all of you who have sent your thoughts, comments, and support for Ziggy.  It means a lot and I really appreciate it!

While I don't intend to turn my blog into only a Ziggy IVDD blog, I thought I'd share a quick update...

The Husband and I moved Ziggy from the emergency vet to his regular vet clinic today (where he had the surgery).  We weren't really hoping for any news, as it's still so early, but we did learn a bit.

The vet surgeon who is working with Ziggy did pinch/pain tests on his hind legs again, and there is already marked improvement compared to pre-surgery on Friday.  (whew!)

And, when his hind legs are placed under him, he is exerting some downward pressure - though not holding himself up or anything yet.  The vet says both of these are good signs - though we won't really know for a while how things will turn out.  But we'll take any progress we can get (it makes the humans feel better)!

Ziggy is still not urinating on his own (which we'd like him to do before he comes home) so The Husband got to learn a new skill today.  He went in this afternoon while I was at work and learned how to express urine from a dog's bladder!  He's a very good husband and deserves many Good Husband Bonus Points for this one.

We're hoping things will continue to head in the right direction, and that Ziggy will be home by the end of the week.


  1. Glad to hear those nuggets of hopeful news.

  2. expressing is not an easy skill to learn, good boy Pete!

  3. So happy to hear of ziggys progress. Yep, hubby is a good man.

  4. I hope you will continue to keep us updated about Ziggy's progress, the exercises you'll eventually do, etc. As many of your readers have corgis, it is absolutely of interest. Unless, of course, it is too emotionally draining to write about!

    Lots of hugs and positive energy is being sent to the whole family!

  5. I hope the progress continues. Sending all the positive healing vibes to Ziggy I can.

  6. Hope Ziggy continues to improve. Good vibes sent!

  7. Sending good throughts to all of you! Extra kudos to The Husband!

  8. Continuing prayers for Ziggy. Glad though that so far its looking better. And wow, what a great hubby!

  9. Yep, I had to learn that skill with Juneau. It wasn't an easy one and I commented at the time "one more skill I could have done without learning".

    Cudos to Pete.


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