Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wagmore Farm: The House Part 1 - Current State

When The Husband and I bought the Wagmore Farm property we did not buy it for the condition of the house.  The house was built in the early '70's, and it seemed doubtful that things had been updated since then.  But the home we live in now was in the same condition when we bought it, and we made it nice, so we figured why not try it again?

We fell in love with the property and location and figured we'd somehow make the house part of the equation work out.

Prior to the purchase, we had the home inspected, and we had a contractor who does nice remodels come out to see the house.  The home inspection revealed some things we'd need to fix - like the roof and the junction box for the electrical.  The contractor thought the house had potential for remodel.  And, since we didn't plan to move in right away, we weren't too bothered by remodel costs down the road.

Here are some pics of what's there now:

The exterior of the home is "unique" (and I don't mean that in a good way):

The house is an odd T shape.
The skinny bit on the back was added in the '80's.
It's a mystery why they didn't align  it with the existing
roof and walls.

Note the unique architectural elements.
Scalloping galore! 
Rectangular front facade!

The interior of the home is interesting, as well:

This is the entry door.  
Entering right into the dining room - perhaps not as 
practical as I'd like.

The family room.  Or is it an extra bedroom?
Used to be the garage.
Note wood paneling and faux brick feature wall.

The kitchen.  A decent size, 
but they carved out a 3/4 bath in the space behind the fridge.
Which is why the fridge is so weirdly positioned.

One of the two bedrooms w/ an en-suite bath.
Weird layout, and the bathroom sink is in the room...

The hall bath.
The other bathrooms (the home has 4)
are equally as up-to-date.

As we spent a little time in the house, we started to think about the possibilities of what the home could be become.  The house has 2500+ square feet.  Plenty of space for us.  Maybe we could turn it into our dream home?

More to come in a future post, "Wagmore Farm:  The House Part 2 - What are the Options?"


  1. Whew!! You do have your work cut out for you.

  2. I can't wait to see how things develop!

  3. It definitely has that 70's look to it :-) With a bit of imagination I am sure you can make it work!

  4. I know you'll make it lovely -- just takes time.

  5. Same age as our house, but we still have garage and don't have 70's paneling.

    Your "faux brick feature wall" used to have a woodstove, which I would reinstall as a pellet stove.

    It looks like it has possibilities to me.

  6. Lots of potential. I am a sucker for the fake wood trim so I heart the wood paneling. :P

  7. Hi Lani, I am playing a blog game and just awarded your blog with the Liebster award:


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