Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ahh, the pressure is off

The pressure was off for the brindles and I the past two days.  Yesterday I spent some time with Janet watching sweeps and took the brindles for a long walk. 

Ziggy was happy - no need to stay clean anymore, so he could roll....  check out the Cardi smile on his face.

Ooh, stink... I'm going in...

Oh yah, this is a good smell...

I love this...

Maggie enjoyed the chance to run

Who says "veterans" can't move?

Ziggy showing that can pose just like those "show dogs"

Today was spent on the road.  ~10.5 hrs to South Bend, IN.  The Comfort Suites here is really nice, has a good rate, and they take pets should you ever be traveling this way.

I let the brindles loose in the room, and Ziggy zoomed around.  I was playing tug with him and Maggie was barking like a mad woman. I threw a toy for them to chase.  Here's how things ended up...

Guess who killed the little horse?  Ziggy?

Or the sweet veteran laying on the sofa?

The evidence is incriminating....
Has Z been caught in the act?  Or has he been framed?

The latter.  Here's the real culprit:

She has the sweetest smiling face ever, and I love her dearly.
But the girl can eviscerate a stuffed toy in less than 2 minutes.

We're all happy to be back home tomorrow.  Z wants to frap in the yard.  Maggie & want to see our family!


  1. The brindles done good -- and deserve to destroy a toy or two and roll in stinky stuff. Have a safe trip the rest of the way home.

  2. Welcome home. It was great to meet you in PA-hope to see you again

  3. Yay!! sounds like a great trip, and rewarding after all that hard work (and hard travelling)!!


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