Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ziggy is 2nd place in Advanced Rally

Ziggy's first-ever Advanced Rally outing was GREAT today.  I am so proud of the boy.

The end result: a score of 96 and second place.

The reason I'm happy:  I had a happy, attentive dog with me right up until the last sign.  My obedience friends all commented on how lovely the run was.  A couple of times he looked away from me, but quickly looked right back at me - face looking right at me and tail in the air.  What a great feeling!

The only bobble we had was on the last exercise - halt, one step right, halt.  The high jump was immediately preceding this one, and Ziggy hit the jump.  This seemed to knock him out of the "zone" and we had to retry the last station for lack of attention.

Here are some pics from today.

Resting outside the crate after a fun morning

Snuggling with mom - Z rests his head in my hands when I rub his chin -- so sweet!

Watching the Open ring - learning through observation, I hope!


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