Monday, April 19, 2010

Stranded Day Four: Should I stay or Should go?

Here's how today went: 

Worked out (no naked people wandering by - whew!)

Packed, checked out of hotel, and drug my luggage 1/2 mile down the road to the new hotel and checked in.

Here's a view out my window (my view improved dramatically in this hotel, but the room size and bed size shrunk significantly).
Looking into the water tower park - in the center of town

I'm also next to the museum.
There's a crazy person who's been balancing on this pole all day!

Next it was back to the office.  I guess I should get some work done at least.  Prove the point about working remotely and all.  I got quite a lot of work done, but the day was fraught with back & forth about travel.

The dilemma?  Our Tuesday morning flights were cancelled.  So our choice:  wait it out in Germany and hope that things are flying on Saturday morning?  Or make our way down to Madrid and fly out of there?    The day was back & forth - which is very wrenching. 

Where I ended up:  it looks like a group of us will have a bus or van and head to Madrid on Wednesday in the early morning.  I have a flight held out of Madrid Thursday evening, which would put me back home around midnight Thursday night.

So it looks like a 17 hour bus trip through Germany, France, and a bit of Spain!  It seems like flights are expected to go from Germany & other countries tomorrow, so it's not an easy decision.  I should know finally from corporate travel and security tomorrow.  What a day.


  1. A long ride - but a beautiful one I'm sure!!

  2. I NEVER would have thought this situation could go on for so long! The more I read about it, the more I understand how frustrated you must feel. It's hard to enjoy your surroundings when everything is so up in the air, and out of your control.

    I am sending positive travel vibes to get you home soon and get you home safely!

  3. And where does this leave you in terms of getting to the National? You are/were planning to come, right?

  4. I am still hoping to make it to the National Specialty. If I make it home by Thursday night/Friday morning I should be ok.

    That would give me time (barely) to bathe the dogs, pack the van and be ready to depart first thing Saturday morning.

    I must say that having 2 weeks off of training doesn't bode well for their performance prospects, but hey, at least I'd be there!

  5. . . . now are you doing brace obedience? That was one of the highlights of last year's show!

  6. Hmmm. Unfortunately, they aren't opening the grooming area for set up until Tuesday morning - otherwise I'd say skip the bath and bathe them when you get there....


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