Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Specialty 2010: Performance Day Two

The brindles with their awards.
Missing are Z's Rally ribbons from today. 
Apparently someone stole all the ribbons (!) We'll be expecting them by mail.

Today was another great day for the brindles.  Placings were an echo of yesterday:
  • Ziggy Advanced A = 2nd place - better score than yesterday, we were tied for points with the first place team, but they were one second faster.  Maybe if we hadn't sniffed the halt-step right-halt sign we would have won (hint, hint, Ziggy.  Wait, Ziggy says he doesn't care...)
  • Maggie Veteran's Obedience - 2nd place - we would have won, and ended with a score of 197.5 (wow!), except I had 5 point handler error.  On the figure 8, I stopped midway through - before the judge said stop.  The judge had to tell me "you can keep going now."  Then she soundly reprimanded me for my stupidity, and told Maggie I owed her 5 points.  The judge then mentioned it again during the award ceremony.  She said something like "in second place, with a 192.5 that should have been a 197.5 without the handler error is team...." You get the picture.  I'm writing it off as a blonde moment.  I might have to have my hairdresser ditch the highlights next time around....
  • In Brace we took first place again.  Our run wasn't as nice as yesterday, but it's brace, what can you do?
We had more fun in brace again, the team who fought yesterday pulled their entry today.  The "mounting" team tried again - god bless them.  They made it to the setup on the recall, but it happened again.  The judge was less than amused, and the handler wasn't so happy either.

The three of us who were left had a good time.  The other two teams were goading me - claiming that I didn't really have Cardis, but golden retrievers in costume.  There was less wrestling today from the 3rd place team.  When the judge was giving ribbons, she said in brace the more amusing the team, the lower the placement.  If the audience voted, it would be the other way around!

Here's what the brindles are doing now:
Yes, I got the chair first!

That's ok, I'll curl up under mom's chair

Now it's time to take the brindles out for a long walk, then I'm off to watch the Megan!


  1. Well congratulations! Blonde moments aside, it sounds like you are doing fabulously!

  2. Good job -- again. Keep on having fun and posting so all us outsiders know what is happening.

  3. I will happily give you another ribbon for driving to PA and back with two dogs so shortly after being stuck in Europe against your will. So count that too!

  4. Congrats on all your successes and it was very nice getting to meet you in person!

  5. Congrats Lani. It looks like you all did quite well. That has to be a sigh of relief after all the volcano drama.


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