Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Denzil earns his Playground Dog Excellent title

  A picture of Denzil PDX in action

Ok, I made up the title, but Denzil was a star this weekend at the playground by our house.  The human child wanted to go play on the slides, so I chose Denz to come with us.  Denzil loves outings, and the playground is low-impact so he got to come along.

The things Denzil did to qualify for the PDX (Playground Dog Excellent) title:

  • Showed no fear when kids came running towards him (with me warning the kids not to run, but the kids not listening)
  • Happily greeted the children who wanted to pet him 
  • Did not jump up on, growl at, or otherwise scare the kids
  • Sat for a long time while kids petted him (Denzil says there's no such thing as too much petting)
  • Did fun tricks like roll, sit pretty, and shake to entertain the children
  • Kept a close eye on our child the entire time - moving to get a better view if our child moved out of sight
  • Reassured parents with his sweet expression 
I was so proud of my boy!


  1. Hey, finally: a performance title that I think Huxley could earn!

  2. That's a title I thought of a long time ago - when Spence was an exuberent youngster, I told a friend that he may never get a CDX but he would fly thru the PDX. She liked it and named her doggie daycare and training facility PlayDogExcellent - see

    She also considered starting an AKC agility club, but when she submitted the name for the club as PDX Agility, the AKC rejected it! Since the Portland Oregon airport's call sign is PDX, they thought it would be confusing to have a club in Tennessee named that.


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