Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stranded Day Two: Speyer

On Saturday we took another day trip.  This one to the city of Speyer.  This city is a short train ride to the southwest of where we're staying.It was a glorious day for a day trip - crisp blue sky - warm in the sun, but cool in the shade.  I even got a bit of a sunburn through my spf 15.

Of particular interest in Speyer is the Cathedral.  It is quite the building - many German emporers, kings & queens are buried there. 

We walked through the cathedral, wandered down to the banks of the Rhein river, had lunch, and wandered back home.  The trip took us about six hours and 15,000 steps (according to my pedometer).  A nice day, with some good dog-watching.  The breeds I've seen the most so far:  standard schnauzers, german shepards, english cocker spaniels.

Here are some pictures from the day:

The old gate

A bit of the town

More of the town - cathedral at the end of the road

Sign for the catedral (in case I forgot where the pics were from....)

Front of the cathedral

From the side...

Detail from the outside wall

I like this doorhandle (but a bit incongruous on a cathedral?)

View from inside the cathedral. 
And these ceilings aren't even the tallest in the place.

One way to help people remember you:
Have someone decorate and frame one of your bones.

Now it's time for lunch.  With a local brew to accompany, of course.

A bit more of the town.

And more.  I like the colors and style of the buildings. 
And everything was so tidy and well kept.

And, finally, the cathedral and an old wall.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I know you are stressed about getting home, but, oh, how lovely it is where you are!

  2. Love the bone shadowbox. The origin of scrapbooking, perhaps?

  3. I think you're on to something with the scrapbooking thing. Perhaps I should post the photo on a scrapbooking blog - suggesting it as a way to preserve memories of a loved one...

  4. I know when Chad dies I have great plans for his tibia accoutrements.


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