Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stupid volcano in Iceland!

Did I mention that I have bad travel karma?  Oh, yes, I think I did.

Tonight I was out to dinner with colleagues.  Spinach struedel, kir royale, and a nice Cabarnet Syrah from France.  Great dinner.  Great company.  Lots of laughter.  Today was my last day of work on this trip, the load was off, Friday I get to go home.

I get back to my hotel room and listen to the voicemail on my mobile phone, thinking it's The Husband calling to tell me how much he misses me and looks forward to seeing me tomorrow afternoon.  Instead it's someone from the corporate travel agency.  Thanks to ash from the volcanic eruption in Iceland, all flights from Frankfurt are cancelled tomorrow.  Heck, all flights from pretty much anywhere in Europe are cancelled tomorrow.

Well, one day delay isn't so bad. 

We call the travel agent back.  It's not really one day.  The earliest we can get out of here is on Monday.  Yes, Monday.  I finally plan an overseas business trip that doesn't steal 2 weekends away from me & my family, and this is what happens.  Really?

Who gets stranded because of a volcano eruption?  Really, who does?  Whenever I say it I feel like I've made it up.  The colleague I'm traveling with (who was also with me during the adventurous trip to India) is really beginning to believe that it's my fault.  My bad travel karma. 

The intercity trains are almost full, too, so a weekend excursion to Paris (3.5 hrs on a high speed train) is now prohibitively expensive.  So, we'll stay in Germany and make the best of it.  I hope the hotel has a quick turnaround on laundry.  I only have one day's worth of clothes left.

And BTW - if Ziggy has a bad run at the National Specialty, I'm blaming it on Iceland.

Gute Nacht!


  1. It really is unbelievable -- I am going nowhere with you ever! I hope you get home in time to work Ziggy a little before you head to Pennsylvania.

  2. I certainly understand your frustration, but I think there are worse places to be stranded. I am sure you will find some weekend entertainment. Good luck and safe travels home!

  3. Believe it or not, we know two people stranded in Germany. Pam said something last night about staying in the bar until 4 a.m. when they closed. I guess she's trying to get back on Boston time.

    Yes, worse places to be stranded.


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