Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stranded Day Six: Madrid!!!

We set off from Mannheim last night at 8pm.   My colleagues and I were the first to arrive for the bus - no way we were going to miss it!

My luggage and snacks - waiting patiently

The bus arrives!

We hit the road and drove all night (3 drivers for the bus took turns).

I was lucky enough to have an entire row to myself, so I was able to sleep for 7 hours.  I slept for all but about 1/2 hour of France...

Here's where I slept
- my hips were a bit sore in the morning
after sleeping w/ my legs across the aisle

I got to see lots of Spain!  A beautiful country.  Maybe I should move here for a while...

Representative scenery from the northeast

The first sign for Madrid!! How exciting!
Oh, you mean there's still 200+ km to go?

And finally, at 6pm we arrive at the hotel.  Took a little longer than the expected 17 hours.  Our 22 hour total included stops for breakfast and lunch, plus some road construction along the way.

The view from my hotel room window.  Madrid is a pretty city!

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'm on a plane that departs at 11am.  Such a nice feeling to know that I'm headed home....


  1. Progress! You do need to visit Spain -- it's a wonderful country. The southern part is like New Mexico with oranges and olives. Madrid is notorious for pick pockets, so keep your personal belongings close.

    Looking forward to a post from the good ole USA!

  2. I LOVE that last picture from your hotel room in Madrid. Please take me to carry your luggage and procure snacks for you the next time you plan to be stuck in Europe.

  3. Crossing our fingers!

    Spain has been on my short-list for a while.

  4. What an adventure you have had--glad to hear you'll be back home soon (and in time for the specialty)!


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