Sunday, April 4, 2010

Funny obedience story

One of my training friends has a very nice pug who she is working towards his UDX.  Norton is one of the top obedience & agility pugs in the nation.  In practice, he is a joy to watch, and has one of the cutest, quickest Utility go-outs I've ever seen.

Saturday was not Norton's day.  He entered the Utility ring with a "oh, do I really have to" attitude, doing things like walking on his returns, etc.

It's the glove exercise that cracked me up, though.  He was sent to the glove, and trotted out to the right one.  He stood over the glove, checking it out and sniffing for a few seconds before returning.  How did he pick up the glove?  By the middle finger!  He then trotted happily back to his mom, seeming to flip her off the entire way.  I imagine the thought bubble over his head saying, "take this hint, sister."

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